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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Pennyroyal Academy

* * * * */ Five Stars ( it just made it to five, since it had lots of twists I personally wasn't expecting!)

Genre: Action, Adventure, (some slight) Humor, Fantasy, Loss, Mystery, Suspense, (and a tiny sprinkling of) Romance

In this enchanting and magical book by M. A. Larson, a girl is lost in the woods for the fourth night in a row. She doesn't know who she is or what she's doing there, but she has a sneaking suspicion that if she doesn't get out soon, she'll be dead one way or another from any number of separate causes. She is walking around with only spiderwebs to cover her and is caked in mud when a witch captures her. She escapes with the help of another boy who is trapped, whose name is Remington, and who tells her that he is heading to the famous Pennyroyal Academy to train as a knight. Advised by him to go there as well to become a princess, she and him travel there together, where she signs up to train. She soon makes new friends, who help her come up with the name Evie, she begins her training and learns how to fight witches with compassion, the proper way to jump out of towers, how to make dresses, unarming and defeating boys in battle, and much more. But will Evie ever find out who she really is and save all her friends from terrible fates, or will she be kicked out of school and doomed to never belong anywhere?
I really enjoyed this inventive novel. It kind-of reminds me of the book, 'The School for Good and Evil' that I wrote about a while back. I recommend this book to anyone who loves a thrilling adventure mixed with a dazzling, whimsical setting and a riveting mystery. It is sure to be a widespread crowd-pleaser!

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