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Sunday, July 5, 2015


* * * */ Four Stars

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Humor

In this awesome book by Brandon Mull, you meet Kendra and her cheeky brother Seth, who are dreading spending time with their grandparents, since they haven't ever reached out or know much of anything about their grandkids. They are only taking the kids in because they have to, since their parents are going on a family cruise. Which, apparently, didn't include the children. As they settle in on their grandfather's estate, which is apparently missing their grand-mother, they begin to notice strange happenings, such as the fact that there is a creepy old lady struggling with a rope in the woods, and that all of the butterflies and such are attracted to mirrors. Soon they learn the truth about the strange estate they are on; it is actually a secret magical preserve called Fablehaven that shelters the creatures inside of it; both good and evil. During the equinox, Seth opens the window, allowing demons and other such creatures of darkness into the house, where they steal away their grandfather and terrorize the rest of the staff. It's up to Kendra and Seth to right their wrongs, save their friends and family, and prevent all of Fablehaven from falling. But can they even make it out alive?
I am a fan of Mull, and I really like his work and this series, but I wish that there was more elaboration on this first book, which is why it got downgraded a star. Anyways, I recommend this novel to anyone with a taste for excitement and a yearning for an amazing adventure.  

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