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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Kingdom Keepers: Disney After Dark

* * * * */ Five Stars 

Genre: Action, Adventure, (some slight) Humor, Fantasy, Fiction, Futuristic 

Meet Finn Whitman. He and four other teenagers were selected by the Disney company to be models for their new programs, DHIs; Disney Interactive Hosts, or designated holograms that will show visitors around the parks. The money they received and the lifetime passes to Disney seemed too good to be true, and they accepted these gifts along with other freebies openly in exchange for having their faces plastered all over the major Disney outlets. What they didn't realize was that the holograms aren't just to show visitors around; each night, the band of fives' consciousnesses are transported into their hologram, and they explore the parks while they are suspended in sleep. But the dangers are very real. Whatever injuries and traumas happen while you are a hologram are there on your physical body in the morning, and that isn't all they need to worry about. You could be captured and rendered unable to return back to your human self, trapped as a hologram. You could die. Finn Whitman and the others are discovering the dark side of Disney; one where the villains (who call themselves Overtakers) want to overthrow the heroes and take over the parks once and for all. It is up to the Kingdom Keepers to stop them. Can they succeed in defeating the forces of evil, or will they fail, and the Disney magic be lost forever?  
I adored this creative book by Ridley Pearson. It was beautifully written and I loved this amazing blend of mystical magics and real-life situations. It is sure to be a real success and an instant hit with anyone who reads it!

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