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Hi! Welcome to the Creative Corner! This is going to be a site devoted to book-lovers like me who are always looking for a good read. I am going to do book reviews, recommendations, list off short stories and post some of my own. If you are looking for a good, reliable source for all things book, you've found it. So, again, welcome! Hope you visit my site again soon!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Just A Heads Up

For people who are new to my blog, just wanted to let you know that if a post has blue words at the top (like this one), it's an update, note, etc. Not a book review. However, if it only has the name of the book underlined and without any blue writing over the top, it's a review. Not that you couldn't figure that out, but I didn't want there to be any confusion. If you are still at a loss, this is an example of a post, and THIS is an example of a review. Just wanted to clear that up.

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