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Monday, June 13, 2016

Under The Never Sky

* * * */ Four Stars (almost five)

Genre: Action, Adventure, Futuristic, Intellect, Romance, (some) Humor, Mystery, Fiction

In a broken world ravaged by terrible storms called the aether, the privileged few in humanity were selected to lived in special pods meant to shield people from the weather. Aria is one of the fortunate members of a pod, living contently inside its walls and abiding by the rules; that is, until she met him. Perry and his entire tribe have lived on the outside, surviving the aether day by day. In a strange series of events, he saves Aria’s life, and then is forced to take care of her when she is thrown out of her pod for something she didn’t do. Perry is trying to rescue his nephew, who was mysteriously kidnapped by pod dwellers. Aria is attempting to find her mom again in another pod. Forced together by their circumstances, will the two be able to secure their families again before they are killed by the treacherous outside lands?
I really enjoyed this inventive book by Veronica Rossi. Brimming with both action and suspense, this book is a great addition to any shelf.

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