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Sunday, June 7, 2015

New Arrivals

As you know, everyone has been buzzing about the new release of the spin-off of The Selection, which is called The Heir. I have linked the book name to Kiera Cass' website, where you can look at this new book and all of her old ones concerning The Selection series. In addition to just talking about this specific book, I am also showing you the release dates of some new books from a bunch of my other personal favorite series. Not all of them I have written about, but here they are . . .

The 13th Reality Book 4: The Void of Mist and Thunder
- comes out on 7/3/2015 (on eBook; it will come out in other formats soon after)

The Waterfire Saga Book 3: Dark Tide
- comes out on 10/13/2015

The Ever Afters Book 4: Of Enemies and Endings
- comes out on 6/30/2015

The School For Good and Evil Book 3: The Last Ever After
- comes out 7/21/2015

The Finishing School Series Book 4: Manners and Mutiny
- comes out 11/3/2015

So be on the lookout!

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