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Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Last Dogs

* * * */ Four Stars

Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Danger, Suspense, Mystery, Humor (LOTS of it)

Max is a Labrador. When he is dropped off at the vet's office, he doesn't think that anything is out of the ordinary. He's wrong. A fire starts, wolves attack, and all of the humans seemingly disappear from the area. Now Max and his new friend Rocky, another dog who had been abandoned at the vet's office, are going on an amazing adventure to find the humans and bring them back to the beloved pets that they left behind. On this quest, they will encounter; nice cats (can you believe it?), a seemingly endless supply of dog food, a peppy little dog named Gizmo who lives in the woods, a society of 'perfect' dogs, and a secret that will undermine all that they knew and all that they will find out. In a world without humans, it seems like Max and his new friends are the 'last dogs' who can figure things out and set things right. The only question is, are they up for the challenge?
I personally really liked this fantastical new novel by Christopher Holt. It 'sheds' new light on the idea that our pets could/couldn't survive . . . well, without us to take care of them! If you liked the Warriors books by Erin Hunter, you will love this inventive new series!

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